Welcome to the new Lufthansa privateBase Group login for former employees

. Lufthansa is switching access to privateBase from a hardware token to Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). For this you need to register for LH Group Login. Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is used for extended security of user accounts in various areas. In addition to the password (simple factor), one or more factors are added for authentication. These additional factors can be, for example, authentication via the stored phone number (SMS / call). Using smartphones and apps, so-called authenticator apps can also be used, which serve the same purpose. Multi-level authentication secures the user account against unauthorized access even if a person knows a factor, such as the password. The authentication would still have to be confirmed by one or more additional factors. This method is often used for security-relevant systems to prevent unauthorized intrusion. Due to the omission of the hardware RSA token, the LH Group uses Microsoft Azure MFA, which uses the Microsoft Authenticator app (available for IOS, Android) as an additional factor in addition to the first factor (login password). This uses a method similar to the well-known token with a number verification. Alternative authentications can also be made possible if one does not have a smart phone or has an emergency.

Please log in to your net.extend account for more information and to activate your new privateBase access.